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Freeborn is a visual novel adventure about messy old friendships, card battles, and psychological chaos. #ChoicesMatter

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Tell your story // A narrative-rich experience

Freeborn is the story of Mark Vesco’s coming of age. Once an inspired youngster, Mark finds himself living a listless, dutiful existence just two years out of high school. When an old friend contacts Mark about reuniting for a competitive card tournament, you’ll take control of his words, actions, and destiny.

Dive into the adventure // Plentiful, diverse sidequests

In the country of Arithia, there’s no shortage of eccentric and interesting characters to meet and defeat in card battles. By branching from the beaten path, you’ll be rewarded with a rich storyworld full of dramatic and comic escapades.

Play your card // Exciting, fast-paced card battles

Choose your strategy, pick your opponent, and draw your hand. It’s time for Ekosi, the radical revival of Pazaak! Inspired by the iconic minigame from Knights of the Old Republic, Ekosi takes the hit/stand dilemma of Blackjack to a new level of strategy with an array of special cards to manipulate the score in your favor. Easy to learn and endlessly challenging, each turn in Ekosi is a strategic choice!

Go your own way // Customizable deck

Strategizing extends beyond the card interface. Take your deck with you and shape it over time by finding, purchasing, and winning new cards. Visit card shops to turn match winnings into new cards as you build the perfect deck.

Steer the conversation // Complex dialogue trees

Everyone likes options. In Freeborn, get outside the familiar binary options and choose from up to six possible choices in any given dialogue. Whether you’re a comedian or a combatant, a Casanova or a coward, there’s a choice to fit your conversation style.

Explore Arithia // An immersive 3D world

Arithia is a small country with worlds to see. Explore diverse cities and terrains as you get lost in the semi-open, immersive 3D world. From coastal paradises to ornate casinos, from sprawling grasslands to towering skyscrapers, Arithia has it all. Where to?

Listen to the music // Original Soundtrack

Bang your head to energetic battle tracks and lose yourself in ambient overworld tunes, all composed by Brandon Ledbetter for our original soundtrack.

The Deckpoint Studio Team

Deckpoint Studio is an indie game studio located in Columbus, OH. Founded by crime-fighting interstellar misfits (Jesse Kooner - Lead Developer, Jonathan Lee - Community Manager, Tyler Clementi - Writer, Brandon Ledbetter - Composer, Emma Salamanca - Artist)  in late 2013, our project is the card-game/RPG hybrid, Luckless Seven - now - Freeborn. Our team is united by a passion for great stories, player choices, and spicy-chicken rigatoni. Join us on our game development journey!

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Feel free to say hello : ]


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Luckless Seven Windows 64-bit Beta Candidate 0.840x64 1 GB
Version 1
Luckless Seven Windows 32-bit Beta Candidate 0.840x32 1 GB
Version 1
Luckless Seven MacOSX Beta Candidate 0.840 (Universal) 1 GB
Version 1
Luckless Seven Linux Beta Candidate 0.840 (Universal) 1 GB
Version 1
OLD - Luckless Seven Windows-32bit Beta Candidate 0.832x32 1 GB
OLD - Luckless Seven Windows-64bit Beta Candidate 0.832x64 1 GB
OLD - Luckless Seven Mac OSX Beta Candidate 0.832 (Universal) 1 GB
OLD - Luckless Seven Linux Beta Candidate 0.832 (Universal) 1 GB

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As impressive as this sounds, please tell me there IS sexual content.  As powerful a distraction as relationship aspect.


Hello, thank you for the kind words! ❤️

Please note that we don't have any sexual content. No nudity or sex scenes. We do have flirting and a bit of back and forth fun that way.


A slife of life RPG was not what I was expecting from a card game, but its certainly been a while since I've seen any card game with an RPG (like the last one I played was yugioh on the gameboy advance when i was a kid lol). Enjoying it so far and eager to see where the story goes, as I've only really played the first part so far. 

I'll have more videos of Freeborn going up on Mondays, but probably not going to be posting the rest here, so look out for more on my channel

Hello Cyberwolf,

Thank you so much for playing ❤️! 

I watched the full video and you played great! :] Please note that the demo you're playing is very old (several years old) and we've been working on a new demo that will come out eventually(TM). That is why the game has the old name "Luckless Seven" in the title. We recently did a revamp and rebrand to "Freeborn" about 2 months ago. In fact, a great deal of the game has changed these past several years so it was kind of nostalgic watching you play.

I am super excited to watch you play the rest of the demo and I am cheering you on! Also, almost all of the remaining matches in the demo are Match 3's (where you need to score 3 red points to win).

If you want, please feel free to reply to your comment with new episodes as they come out. Thanks again for playing and let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback! :]


Still enjoying the game, but I think someone hacked the game, or theres some kind of AI god in here, cause theres no way Sarah just got 4 20's in a row! She can't be THAT lucky! 

Fantastic 2nd video! It was very fun to watch and I loved how Sarah just pulled off those crazy moves haha


Quick question, does the game use your microphone lol? 


Another fantastic episode! Love watching these :]

LOL at the microphone. But watching you request and receive that 10 on command was hilarious!


Got through the qualifiers and enjoyed the funny bits here and there, especially the guy i crushed twice lol

Another great episode! Please keep these coming! I love seeing this :]

Also, you're getting super good at Ekosi!


Finally the last bit of the playthrough, had a great time and found it pretty funny just how much people wanted those sticks that were just lying on the ground lol 


Thank you so much, Cyberwolf! I appreciate you playing through the whole demo! :]

You did an absolutely wonderful job and it was a ton of fun watching! 

I would love to message you if it's alright once we get a new updated demo out sometime this year. Again, thank you for playing and I wish you the best! :]


Yeah, totally cool! Can't wait to see the update!

I would like to request controller support.

Beside that, the dialogue is interesting so far. Kind of gives me Governor of Poker vibes, where you're motivated to be the top in this card game.

It does rub me the wrong way that children are playing Blackjack Ekosi and betting money over it.

Hello Relma,

Thank you for the kind comment ❤️. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback!

Also, for the children part of your comment, they're not betting anything. It's like a pokemon game where after you defeat opponents, money suddenly just appears in your pocket :D

Very interesting game!

Thank you for the kind words ❤️

Wow this was amazing! The visuals looked so great and I have now played for a little while and I really like it. The card part of the game was genius and the story over all really pulled me in :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Loving it! Grabbed it because I love dialogue / choice / story heavy but really enjoyed the card mechanics far more than I was expecting too! I mentioned it in the Steam comments on the update, but I think going with the bigger pictures in dialogue is a great move. Especially when you have six people in a conversation having more clearly presented who is speaking would be fantastic. Love it!


Hello Icinix, I remember you from Steam! You are so kind and generous, thank you for the support and love <3

We're super excited about the dialogue system changes and hope to show off more very soon! We should have a new devlog out in a few days. Have a fantastic week! :]


Just spent a few hours playing this, and I'm hooked. I recently used a condensed version of the rpg/card tournament plot for a game jam entry, but your work is on another level entirely. I really like the visual aesthetic, and the music is incredible. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here. Very nice job.


Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words and playing our game <3. 

Also, that's really cool that you've worked on a card game rpg too. I just checked out your page and it looks pretty cool! 

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for Luckless Seven. Have a wonderful day :]


i love this game its so good make more games like this and u will see me on the comments a lot more god bless u all❤💕💖🤗

Hello! Thank you for the kindness and love <3

I hope you have a wonderful weekend : ]

i downloaded for 64 but it got stuck on the loading screen


Thank you for letting me know and sorry that is happening to you! I just tested it and I did not have that problem. And no one else so far has reported this issue. In order to better solve this would you mind answer a couple of questions? 

What loading screen did you get stuck on? Did you try restarting?


never mind, sorry, my computer's just being a slowpoke, thanks for responding though

Heyo! I am glad everything is okay :]

looks really really nice. i didnt play it but based on the pic, its SSSUUUPPEERRRRRRRR..........

may i reshare the trailer?


Hello! Thank you for the kind words and yes you may